Training and Development

At McDermott Wuchuan, continual professional and personal development of employees is integral to our business success. We value and nurture our people to their fullest potential.
The McDermott-Wuchuan Training System is based on the McDermott Global Learning Management System, which utilizes a competence-based approach to produce the highest quality of education in HSE, Quality, Ethics, Productivity, Craft Training, Yard Operations, and Professional Development.

Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

Based on the company's strategy and the philosophy of safety, health and environmental protection, Qingdao Wuchuan McDermott Company, with the support of the U.S. headquarters, has established a complete set of safety, health and environmental protection training system, which covers safety management qualification training, HSE management tools training, HSE management soft skills training and HSE technology Technical training. Training implementation management process is based on the position of employees, to develop training standards to ensure that all employees have sufficient skills and awareness to carry out work safely. At the same time, as a subcontractor with long-term cooperation with the company, our company also invests resources to provide systematic HSE training, improve the quality of employees and the management level of safety, health and environmental protection with the partners of subcontractors, and jointly create a zero injury company environment.

Professional Development

At McDermott Wuchuan, continual professional and personal development of employees is integral to our business success. Training employees to perform better and more efficiently is one aspect of an organization's competitive strategy. An investment in training is expected to pay returns in terms of improved performance, such as greater productivity, enhanced customer satisfaction, higher quality, better retention, lower cost, and so forth. Every company funded training initiative—whether classroom-based, e-training, on the job, external training, coaching, or anything else—is ultimately intended to serve a business purpose and personnel development.

Internal trainers cultivated and equipped with excellent skills in their subjects develop and deliver training programs to enhance the following aspects including but not limited to knowledge, experiences, skills, methods, or tools, etc. and drive training transfer with HR‘s support to improve the employees’ overall performance and our organizational capability.

Craft Skill

Facing the increasingly competitive market environment, our company attaches great importance to the skills of craft workers. The practical, functional, direct and effective training-oriented technician training has now become an important force of our company for the future development. According to the operating feature of workers, the company grasps the rules of training, chooses the training method combining theory and practice part, actively guides workers to improve relevant skills, and constantly meets the needs of field work and project work. At the same time, regularly carry out relevant competency assessment to evaluate the technical ability of employees, and eventually have a well-trained and skilled operation team.