Quality Statement

Uncompromising focus on Environment, Ethics, Safety and Quality

To achieve the standards of environmental care, ethics, safety and quality associated with McDermott facilities worldwide, McDermott Wuchuan operates in accordance with the same set of McDermott systems and procedures. The yard is accredited to ABS QE for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/TS 29001:2010, and TUV Rheinland for EN1090-1:2009 & EN1090-2:2018 and ISO3834-2 and CWB for CSA W47.1, which supports McDermott Wuchuan’s overall goal of “getting it right the first time, every time.”

Quality Policy

We shall deliver, on time and within budget, profitable products and services which meet our customers' requirements.

Risk Identification, Mitigation, Company strategy and Customer satisfaction are top priorities.

We will maintain measurable quality objectives for our processes that will be subject to periodic review.

We are committed to continual improvement and innovation in our processes to deliver quality products and services, and to the development of our employees' skills at all levels.

Our Management System is designed, regularly reviewed and revised to ensure our operations are current and meet the quality objectives of our Company and expectations of our Customers.

Quality Management System Documentation

Level 1 - Company Level,
Level 2 - Department Standard Procedure,
Level 3 - Department Detailed & Project Specific Procedure,
Level 4 - Work Instruction

Level I, II, III and IV Procedures readily available to all personnel in both English and Chinese.

QMW Certification








Transformational Quality

Transformational Quality (transformative quality management) was introduced to let us clearly understand that working as one team is very important for Quality, Quality is included as part of Construction team, and construction team has the responsibility of quality.

It is advocated doing work right the first time to improve production efficiency, and reduce rework to save time which will make work safer.

Work as one team, we have a common target, and would get more support and assistance.

Quality Recognition
Spot award individual, monthly recognize best Supervisor and Group.

To improve and raise the level of quality awareness.

To influence the attitude and behaviors for workforce in quality.

To create a robust quality culture and excellence in quality performance

Craftsman Evaluation & Training

Craftsman Evaluation & Training Center, hereafter refer as CETC, adhering to the concept of “Delivering Certainty”, undertake the training & evaluation professionally fair-and-square, to cater the qualified craftsmen with required skills to support Company Operations and Project Execution.

All the disciplines crafts from structure, piping, coating, insulation, equipment, lifting, scaffolding, electrical and instrument are involved in the training and evaluation processes, customer and third party representatives will be invited to witness evaluation process as requested, this is to enhance the delivery certainty and support to provide satisfactory products to our customers.

Our Pledge