Voluntary Purchase of GEC Certificate -- QMW Started a New Journey for Supporting the ‘Net Zero target’

Under the background of ‘Net Zero target’, Qingdao McDermott Wuchuan Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd (QMW) shows its corporate responsibility in addressing climate action. In recent years, QMW has actively studied carbon accounting methods and emission reduction paths, identified carbon emission sources in scope 1 and scope 2, regularly calculated and monitored carbon emissions, and developed carbon emission reduction targets and action roadmap. Since 2019, QMW has implemented projects such as decommissioned the gas burned boiler, introduced in-house online construction vehicles management system to reduce vehicles stand-by time, replaced traditional halogen lamps with solar street lamps, replacing workshop lighting with low-energy lamps, replacing high-emission vehicles with electric or low-emission vehicles, and renovating VOC treatment facilities to reduce greenhouse gas emission. In addition, QMW also plans to install distributed photovoltaic power generation facilities, which are expected to generate more than 3 million KWH of green electricity per year.

Recently, QMW completed the attempt of GEC voluntary purchase for the first time through the subscription platform of National Green Electricity Certificate Resource. GEC is short for Green Electricity Certificate. It is an electronic certificate with a unique identification code issued by the state to power generation enterprises for their grid electricity contribution from non-water renewable energy. It is the confirmation and attribute proof of the electricity generated from non-water renewable energy and the certificate of green electricity consumption. Aiming at supporting the development of local new energy, QMW purchased the green electricity of Liaocheng Gaotang 10MW Photovoltaic power station project of China Power Investment Corporation in Shandong province. It marks that the company takes the initiative to assume corporate social responsibility, and starts a new journey for assisting the ‘Net Zero target’. It is another new attempt for the company to transform and upgrade to the direction of green, low carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection. In the future, QMW will continue to explore new technologies, new methods and new ideas for carbon emission reduction based on its own characteristics, improve the emission reduction of internal operation links, and increase the purchase of green certificates, striving to achieve carbon neutrality as earlier.