HSES Policy

We consider the protection of human Health, Safety, and the Environment for all our employees, contractors, and the community to be of primary importance. The overall success of the HSES program is based on the following:

Management, commitment, planning and accountability.

Employee participation and accountability.

Compliance with all applicable HSES regulations, codes, and standards.

Providing training to ensure understanding of good HSES practices, company procedures and regulatory requirements.

Striving for continuous improvement in our HSES performance through regular measurement and review of our targets, objectives, programs, procedures and processes.

HSEMS Certificate
Operational Values

HSES is a core value of QMW and is closely aligned with the McDermott Operational Values that have been extensively researched and analyzed.
McDermott Operational Values themed safety campaigns are led by supervision and supported by HSES.


Our leadership team, including superintendents, supervisors and foreman, and that from subcontractors are engaged and involved in the HSES program. Members of the leadership team as part of their normal supervision duties will perform Safety Conversation, SPOT Safety Award, etc. The main objective intention of this program is to encourage interaction on HSES between the leadership team and the craft workforce.

Leadership Commitment

To enable successful Health, Safety and Environmental management leading towards a Transformational Leadership culture by:

Establishing and sustaining a culture where the prevention of harm to people and equipment is a value that is not compromised;

Not accepting or condoning any substandard acts or conditions under any circumstance;

Ensuring that all hazards are identified, and the associated risks managed;

Ensuring adequate resources and competent staff are allocated to the Project.;

Acknowledging the importance of leadership commitment and support for HSES;

Affirming that all levels of management within its organization are committed to HSES.

Environment and Community

QMW takes environmental protection especially for our communities as our own responsibility, complies with laws and regulations, improves employees' awareness of environmental protection, prevents pollution, saves energy and reduces emissions, so as to promote the sustainable development of the company.